Opting out of Medicare has caused a lot of confusion for NPs and other providers. Not understanding what it means can lead to problems & fines. In this episode of the NP Business Matters Podcast (Episode #65) I address: The Social Security Act and how that impacts providers. When you can bill Medicare and when Read More

Legal protection for NPs on NPBusiness.ORG

Do you ever wonder how you can provide legal protection for your nurse and nurse practitioner license? Are you concerned about malpractice? Do you know how to protect yourself…and if you own your own practice and business…do you know what you need to protect yourself and your business? Most of us think we do, but we don’t Read More

Most health care providers, including nurse practitioners are ever vigilant to issues of malpractice. We all chant “do no harm”. And yet we are human. We fly through the day trying to get everything done – seeing our patients, refilling medications, filling out authorizations, reports and other paperwork; ordering consults, therapies and test; interpreting test Read More