If you are not sure if you are an independent contractor or not, don’t worry, you are not alone. Employment laws are not always clear, and as I examine both the IRS 20-point checklist as well as the ABC rules which should simplify things, you’ll see that for Nurse Practitioners, it’s full of grayness. Let’s Read More

Independent Contracting California and Beyond on NPBusiness.ORG

The topic of nurses and advanced practice nurses (NPs, CNMs, CRNAs) functioning as independent contractors (ICs) has been a gray area for years. In fact, some legal professionals argue that we cannot be ICs. And when you read the IRS rules, you’ll see why the distinction is anything but apparent. Over the past few years, Read More

Clinicians often ask about business and employment law in their particular state and what is required. Similar to NP practice acts, this can vary greatly from state to state. Thus, it’s always prudent to check your state practice acts of both the BON and the BOM if you are tied to a physician; the corporate Read More