Hiring staff, interviewing for your own job, or guiding your loved ones through the job application and interview process can be stressful, unpredictable and even humorous. Here are few things we had the opportunity to witness recently. 1. Don’t send your resume in if it has the wrong company on it. Several of the resumes Read More

Clinicians often ask about business and employment law in their particular state and what is required. Similar to NP practice acts, this can vary greatly from state to state. Thus, it’s always prudent to check your state practice acts of both the BON and the BOM if you are tied to a physician; the corporate Read More

You started a practice, perhaps following one of the “Ideal Medical Practice” models where you and you alone are the sole “employee”. You schedule the appointments (or allow your patients to schedule themselves online). You room your patients, order (and perhaps draw) your own labs, send the referrals and obtain the prior authorizations. Perhaps you Read More