How Long Does It Take To Start A New Practice? on NPBusiness.ORG

It’s a question recently asked on, our business blog. If you’ve been thinking about starting a practice, you’ve probably wondered the same thing. Unfortunately, “how long does it take to start a new practice” doesn’t come with a simple answer. With a range of considerations and decisions affecting the outcome, it’s next to impossible Read More

I admit it, I’m blessed to work in a state (WA) that does not require collaboration for practice or for prescriptive activities. However, many of my colleagues are not so lucky. I recently spoke with an Scharmaine Lawson Baker, NP in Louisiana – a collaborative practice state where she is required to have her collaborating Read More

Fax Machines. They have been such an integral part of any health care office, it’s hard to imagine functioning without one. They have been a core part of communication between pharmacies, hospitals, labs, imaging services and of course medical offices.  However, times are changing. In most cases, we no longer receive faxes from pharmacies (unless Read More

Nurse Practitioners often ask me “which EMR should I choose”? The answer to that question is dependent on an infinite number of variables, but it all boils down to using the one that is right for you, and thus the answer is “it depends”.  Finding and using the right EMR can have far reaching implications Read More

I have never spoken to a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physician, or other clinician who enjoys documentation. And it seems that since going to EMR’s, I hear even more grumbling about documentation than ever. Some people abhor templates, others don’t type well and get further behind. If you use voice recognition software, you are likely Read More