The Real Costs Of Hiring Employees

It’s a big decision… could it be time to hire your first employee? Maybe you’re putting in too many hours, far more than you thought possible. Or perhaps you’re missing out on booking new patients; your schedule is full, and you can’t add anyone for weeks. Or worse, you’re getting complaints about the long wait Read More

Employees Where Do You Start on NPBusiness.ORG

Every practice owner has to decide at some point if and when they want to add staff to their practice.  Just as practice models vary between clinicians, so does the utilization of staff. You likely have dozens of questions on topics such as: When is it time to add staff? How do I know that Read More

Does Your Employee Channel Godzilla on NPBusiness.ORG

Hopefully, you’ve never met Godzilla, but statistics tell me…you have. In fact, Godzilla may even be working for you right now! Godzilla Characteristics: Godzilla can be quite cunning in how he/she undermines the fabric of your business, and often times it’s quite insidious making it hard to detect at first. It can be a very Read More

Not to long ago, I had an emergency coaching session with a Nurse Practitioner who owns a large, very busy clinic regarding an unhappy employee. This employee was subsequently let go and is now suing for improper firing. While this NP had most of her ducks in a row (and thus the lawsuit will likely Read More