Road to 10: ICD-10 Training Webinar Series As the October 1, 2014, ICD-10 compliance date approaches, CMS continues to work in collaboration with providers and other industry stakeholders to help prepare for the transition. CMS is hosting a series of ICD-10 Training Webinars that will focus on ICD-10 basics, key preparation steps for a successful transition, billing, Read More

Documentation. For some, it’s not a big deal, for others it leaves them with a feeling of dread. From our early days in school, we’ve all heard the phrase, “if it’s not documented, it was not done”. In practice, documentation still means this and so much more. You might rephrase this as “if it’s not Read More

I have never spoken to a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physician, or other clinician who enjoys documentation. And it seems that since going to EMR’s, I hear even more grumbling about documentation than ever. Some people abhor templates, others don’t type well and get further behind. If you use voice recognition software, you are likely Read More

Most health care providers, including nurse practitioners are ever vigilant to issues of malpractice. We all chant “do no harm”. And yet we are human. We fly through the day trying to get everything done – seeing our patients, refilling medications, filling out authorizations, reports and other paperwork; ordering consults, therapies and test; interpreting test Read More