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How Long Does It Take To Start A New Practice?

It’s a question recently asked on, our business blog. If you’ve been thinking about starting a practice, you’ve probably wondered the same thing. Unfortunately, “how long does it take to start a new practice” doesn’t come with a simple answer. With a range of considerations and decisions affecting the outcome, it’s next to impossible … what?

Denied…what now?

We’ve all been there. The insurance company will not credential me now what? The needed prior authorization for [insert drug, imaging, lab test, etc here] was denied, now what? The claim for a medically necessary visit was denied, now what? One of the most frustrating things for healthcare providers (regardless of the initials after the …

Do It Yourself Credentialing

Can you do your own credentialing?

Of all the things you do to practice medicine, credentialing with insurance companies is likely not on your list of favorites; am I right? Of course, there is no law that says you have to. If you go to a full cash practice, you don’t need to worry about insurance at all. But if you …