Success Leaves Tracks!

Nurse Practitioners and other health care providers are no different than other individuals who want to success in business and in life. True success in life comes in many flavors and certainly is not limited to money alone. However, money is used to measure business success and by default money is used to measure the success of the business owner.

With that in mind, what is it that sets truly successful business owners apart from the not so successful?

Is it that the successful were born with talents and gifts that others lack? There are scores of talented and truly gifted people, yet that alone does not translate into success of any kind.

Or perhaps it was good luck that got them to their success? Many people are blessed with all sorts of good luck. Good health, being born into a well to do family or growing up in a country, such as the USA, where education is available to all who want to get educated.

Yet not everybody takes advantage of the opportunities available to them. Nor do those that do necessarily become successful.

Or is it simply that hard work and the consistent execution of goals and plans led to their super success in business (and life)? Time and again it’s been shown that the super successful approach things different, they think different.

While there are many traits common to super successful people here are a few I think are of particular importance.

  1. Successful people love what they do; they have passion for what they do!
    That makes sense. It is much easier to get good and improve on something that you enjoy doing as compared to doing something that just “leaves you cold”.
  2. They effectively manage their time and money.  Successful people have become masters at managing their time effectively. They also know the value of each and every single dollar. They track where their money is going and they know the reason why.
  3. They have learned to deal with failure and rejection and bounce back quickly. Failure is the shortest route to success (well, it can be). While many of us equate failure with having failed as individuals, the super successful know that failure is simply part of the game. Expect to fail, don’t take it personally and get back in the game!
  4. They plan, have written goals and take action on those goals. “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there”. While this may be true for many, it is not for the truly successful.  They know what they want and they know how to get there. They don’t get in and just start driving – they know where they are going.  They have defined clear, written goals and they know the steps to take to reach their goals.

Do you have a plan, a written plan? Are you clear on what you want to accomplish in your personal life and your business? And … do you know how to get there?

Here is where “Smart Business Planning for Clinicians” can help. The first section of our course discusses in detail how you determine your wants and needs and then how to translate them into goals.

We designed and created our course to:

  • Help you determine what it is that you want
  • Assist you with formulating clear goals and strategies for your business
  • Guide you in translating your goals and strategies into financials you can take to your banker

Click the link to order your copy of “Smart Business Planning for Clinicians” and kick start your business today. Go to and see how we can aid in your business success.

© 2012-Johanna Hofmann, MBA, LAc

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