Staying out of Legal Trouble Webinar

Join Carolyn Buppert, JD, for this special #NPWeek2015 webinar on Sunday November 1, 2015.

She will discuss How to Stay Out of Legal Trouble: Avoid These Top 3 Mistakes Nurse Practitioners Make and answer questions, which you can submit ahead of time once you have registered.

About Carolyn:

Carolyn Buppert is an attorney who focuses on the legal issues affecting nurse practitioners and their employers. Her clients include hospitals, health systems, insurers, physician and nurse practitioner practices, visiting nurse agencies, nursing homes, hospices, schools of nursing and a national certification organization. She practiced as a nurse practitioner for 16 years before focusing exclusively on legal matters.

She is the author of 8 books and 3 instructional CDs. Among the titles are:

    • The Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practice and Legal Guide (2015)
    • Prescribing: Preventing Legal Pitfalls (2006)
    • Billing Physician Services Provided by Nurse Practitioners (2013)

Her new book, Frequently Asked Legal Questions Keeping Nurses Awake at Night, was published in October 2015.

She is a frequent contributor to the The Journal for Nurse Practitioners and She lectures extensively on avoiding malpractice and the legal issues regarding scope of practice, prescribing, privacy and reimbursement.

Click here to register for this free event.

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