Starting a Practice Playlist

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading NP Business, that the most common question we receive is “How do I start a practice?
As we get ready to close out 2023, I wanted to post a playlist of our most popular podcasts and blog posts about starting a practice. I’ll follow this up with a post about growing and operating a practice.

Ready to dive in?

This one podcast/video episode is important, and you could start and end with this episode alone. There is so much that must be done when starting a practice, all at once, and this framework (which is how I teach this) will help keep you sane and organized.

The initial part of starting a practice involves research and planning. Of course, a big part is working with numbers s and building assumptions to determine if your plans will be feasible. Understanding what it costs to start and run a practice is crucial.

Business Structures for the Nurse Practitioner

There are many moving parts to starting a business, and sometimes, because it’s often “just you” seeing patients, clinicians (not just NPs) will opt for the easiest structure. But that could be a huge mistake. Listen in as I tell you why there are TWO legal structures you want to stay away from.

This episode covers why you need an NPI-2, particularly if you’re just getting started, and those already in practice, but may not have set things up properly. It does not matter if you are billing insurance, or if you are a cash practice. This is essential information!

This list is far from complete. So I encourage you to scroll through our podcast archives and search the blog for starting a practice to find lots more information.

For readers who may be interested, NPBO™ will be running our live-online workshop, Essentials of Starting a Practice early in 2024. If you’d like to be on our list to learn more about Essentials, you can do so here.

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  1. Hi there, Came acres your website Barbara- much needed. After a number of years and acquisition of a building and renovation, I am about ready to open in 4-6 weeks. The costs of laying out all this money from my retirement have been exorbitant. Do you have a resource /template of a company that has templates for a policy and procedure book that I can plug my stuff in. I don't wast to reinvent the wheel and my malpractice company is requiring it even though will just start by. myself and nit add on an Rn for about 6 months. If you are willing to share this resource, /com,pany, IU would greatly appreciate it. I am a Women's Health NP with 34 yrs. experience. I plan to subscribe to your pod casts. Wish I would have known about you and your courses the past 4 years because it's been really hard to go it alone without a lot of resources and support. I want to become part of your community especially with NP's that have a brick and mortar officer-not just this telemedicine stuff that becomes new grads without any experience, to hang up their own virtual shingle. Thanks and I'd appreciate any resources for this you know of.

  2. First, congrats on getting started!

    You are smart to look for templates, no need to pay excessive amounts or hours creating all this from scratch. The book I recommend for operation policies and procedures is Just edit to fit your needs.

    We’d love to welcome into NPBO™. Member’s are in various states of their business from contemplation to years in practice and everything in between. You’d fit right in. For more info, if you need it, visit

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