Let’s Talk Self Publishing

Not our usual topic of discussion, but an important one never-the-less – self-publishing. Why? I’ve been advised for years that having your own book was something that all business owners should do, that it helps establish you as an expert in your field, and this idea is just as true for clinicians as it is with other types of business owners.

Since this is not my area of expertise, allow me to introduce you to my guest Brandy Agerbeck.

Brandy is a visual thinking pioneer who demystified drawing so you can shush your inner critic, think and communicate clearly, and erase overwhelm.

In this podcast, you’ll hear why I’m talking with Brandy, and you’ll get to hear her put me on the hot seat about writing a book. Plus you’ll get plenty of ideas on how to get started.

Let’s dive in.

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Have you considered self-publishing? Have you already published a book using self-publishing? I invite you to share your experience, thoughts, ideas, and/or questions in the comments below.

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  1. Very interesting topic! I self published a book in 2011 and totally agree with you both! To this date, I still don't know if it ever sold a single copy over the 30 I bought to hand out as gifts (lol)!
    After some serious thought, I decided to do a book in science fiction, and it was more work and research than I thought it would be, but to "Write a Book" was on my "bucket list", and I had accomplished my goal–I didn't care if it made money or not. It was a lot of work, but I wanted the experience.
    I love that you included this as a topic on the site!

  2. First, congrats on the first book! Most who want to, never get around to it. I think it just seems daunting to most. I’m a sci-fi fan myself, so as you work it out, let me know!

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