8 Damaging Online Reputation Mistakes by Healthcare Providers [Infographic]


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The 8 Most Damaging Online Reputation Mistakes made by Healthcare Professionals

Just about everyone, at one time or another has made mistakes being online.  Reputation is important and has far reaching implications.

Some of these mistakes have resulted in loss of jobs, ruining a great reputation, inability to find another job, and more. Indeed, the things we do online, especially in social media can affect both our personal and professional lives – positively and negatively.  Let’s review these mistakes

Sharing Too Much Information (TMI)

Never reveal protected health information (PHI) or anything which can even remotely be construed as PHI. There are plenty of ways to identify our patients without their name and date of birth. We cannot be too careful.

Using Social Media While Under the Influence

Anyone who indulges in anything and then starts driving or posting is trouble in the making. People have posted inappropriate photos and made statements that, well, would embarrass a “sailor”. If you’ve been using, simple stay out of your car, and away from you computer.

Complaining/badmouthing Patients, Staff, Employers, Family….

Never, ever, ever (!) say anything negative about your patients (and other important people in your life) online.  Not only is it rude, crude and impolite, but you are sending a loud message that you do not respect these individuals. As Mother use to say, if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t’ say anything.  It’s always good form to have a private and constructive conversation with those who have ruffled your feathers.

Please don’t lie!

We’ve all told “little white lies” at some point in our lives, but it can quickly get out of hand when you do it online. The best advice ever is just don’t lie. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time remembering the truth, let alone remember false stories. Simplify your life by being truthful.

Watch those Photos and Videos

We’ve all seen them – the photo that shows a bit too much of “something” that should not be shared. Photos and videos are great and add to who you are online. Just make sure you are adding positive and not negative.  Stop, think and take a final look before you post online.

Don’t Ignore Complaints

Always important, but even more so if you are a nurse practitioner or other clinician with your own business. It’s always best to respond to our patients and customers quickly and attentively. Remember, the most effective marketing is word of mouth and other patients and potential clients are watching for your response.

Do not be Defensive or Angry

It is critical that you don’t become defensive or angry online. It only fuels the fire. We’ve all seen the trolls that are trying hard to “get your goat”. If necessary, get away from the computer, count to 10 (or 100) before your respond to someone. This goes for everything, social media, blog comments, private messages, in person complaints, everything.

Are you Missing In Action (MIA)

It’s always best if you are consistent and actively engaging and monitoring your reputation. Figure out a schedule you can stick to. It’s not easy…I know. I’m unable to be online as much as I and others would like.  Best plan is to come up with a schedule that works, and consider implementing assistance to help you keep informed.

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What other mistakes have you seen or even made yourself?

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