Our Seven Most Read Posts of 2018!

We are committed to providing you with content that helps you start, run, and grow your practice.

And there’s a lot of ground to cover; because there’s a lot that goes into running a business!

One of the ways we determine if we’re on the right track is by how much of our content is read, viewed, or consumed.

So, here are our seven most consumed posts of 2018. Enjoy!

#1 Nurse Practitioner Private Practice: How Much Money Will It Take To Get Started?  (February 2018)

The question of “How much will it take?” is an evergreen topic. And it’s not limited to practice startup alone. It comes into play when you get ready to expand your practice, make bigger purchases, hire staff, and much more.

#2 How To Create A Strong Elevator Speech?  (November 2018)

Everybody can benefit from using a strong elevator speech, no matter if you’re employed or work for yourself. Is yours’ in your back pocket and ready-to-go?

#3 How Do I Choose The Legal Structure For My Practice?  (February 2018)

Even though there are only a handful of choices, picking a legal structure is not as simple as you may think. Choosing the best structure for your unique situation takes knowledge, consideration, and foresight.

#4 How To Get The Most Out Of Your Conference Experience.  (June 2018)

Discover the tips and strategies that transform “conference overwhelm” into successful and memorable conference experiences!

#5  Starting Your Practice: Time To Move Forward Or Time To Move On?  (March 2018)

The decision to start a practice can be a tough one! And perhaps that’s a good thing because once made it will impact everything in your life…

#6 Leverage My Expertise To Start A Non-Clinical Business?  (June 2018)

Do you realize you’re not limited to starting a practice? You have a big advantage… you can easily leverage your clinical background into a non-clinical business or side hustle… if that’s what you want to do.

#7 Stop Losing Money At Your Front Desk!  (January 2018)

Most providers focus on getting paid from insurances; unfortunately, they overlook patient responsibility. But it adds up to a significant portion of your overall revenue today, and you can’t afford to lose it.


If you’d like us to cover a topic or have questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

Wishing you Health, Happiness, and Prosperity in 2019!

The NPBO™ Team

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