Recently, while walking along the river I spotted a Great Blue Heron stalking it’s prey. It made me think about our businesses and practices and how the heron can be a role model.

You see, a heron is slow and methodical in it’s quest to feed itself and it’s young. Sometimes they hold still for what seems to be a long period of time before they suddenly strike, catching their prey. And sometimes, despite all that patience, they miss their mark.

We sometimes run across this very same scenario with our patients. Perhaps we work with them for months on end to help them quit smoking or make some other lifestyle change. And then just when you think you are getting somewhere, something else intervenes and derails the entire project.

Business can be like this as well. We work patiently, methodically. We research our options and engage in best practices. We do everything we know to do, everything we have learned. And sometimes we don’t hit our mark.

The key here, with our patients, our businesses and especially with ourselves is that we continue on. When the heron misses it’s meal, it stops, evaluates the situation, and begins again to hunt for the next meal. Starving is not an option.

We would do well to mimic this behavior. If you have a staff member, a payer, a vendor who is not holding up their end of the agreement, stop. Evaluate the situation, chose a course of action and get busy.

Follow the example of the Great Blue Heron. Depriving yourself and those you serve of your best effort is not an option. Growing and thriving is.

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  2. 10-10-12 Ironic to see this post! I am in the process of contract negotiations between three successful pain programs. I have been nervous and unsure of my negotiating skills. Yesterday morning, the day of my interview, a BLUE HERON flew DIRECTLY over my house…. I knew there had to be some symbolism to this. Needless to say, everything worked out fantastic, and I am well on my way to a successful future ! Heather Hynick FNP-BC, ANP, RNFA
    Argyle, NY

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