New Nurse Practitioner Practice March 2007 – Mississippi

I received this email recently and got permission from the NP  to republish this. In a second email, one of the things she mentioned is the need to educate and re-educate the public in what we do. I’m sure everyone can relate…it is never

This NP needs Assistance.

When we start out thinking about building a practice, sometimes we have on rose colored glasses. We think of all sorts of wonderful things, sometimes glossing over the negative items.. Anyone will tell you that is the worst way to start a business.

Clinical Tools

A wonderful resource of NP’s is the various email list that is under the umbrella of NP Central. There is so much teaching, learning, sharing and support that goes on – it’s truly amazing. I’ve been on those lists for at least the last 10 years (most likely more) and there is something I’ve seen …

Medical Forms

I got an email from Carla asking the following question: I would like to know if you know of a good source to get patient initial intake/history forms, and the demographic forms? I would like to get a template that I can put my own name on.