Nurses Pick Up Slack In Rural Healthcare

Like many rural area, MO is lacking in primary care providers. This was certainly true in my area…when I opend, the hospital CEO was quoted as saying we were down by TEN PCP’s. However, there is a bit of a twist to Laura’s story…

Restraint of Trade Alert – Dex Yellow Pages

I received this email from an NP business “neighbor”. I currently have ads in the same book (though different county). We’ve not heard anything about this, however, our books come out in April. This step will have significant consequences for all of us.

New Nurse Practitioner Practice March 2007 – Mississippi

I received this email recently and got permission from the NP  to republish this. In a second email, one of the things she mentioned is the need to educate and re-educate the public in what we do. I’m sure everyone can relate…it is never