New ICD-9 Codes for 2008

Every year, there are changes in the ICD-9 codes as well as the CPT codes.  Changes for the ICD-9 codes are effective 10/1/07. It’s important to be aware code changes

Networking with Nurse Practitioners

Last evening, I had dinner with two other the Nurse Practitioner business owners.  One of them has been in her practice for seven years and the other for less than six months. As for myself, I’ve owned my own practice for little over a year now.  The focus of all of our practices its primary …

Clinical Resources Update

Do you have clinical resources you use in your practice on a daily basis? I’ve added some suggestions shared by Nina Ravey, NP as well as a few others, so be sure to check it out. Please let your colleagues know if there is something you find you use frequently. Visit the Clinical Resources page, …

Insurance Free (aka Cash) Practice

Lots of people talk about developing a cash practice. And with good reason. Having to bill insurance companies, wrangle back and forth with them about payment for covered procedures is a nightmare. 

Nurse Practitioner Business Survey

We’ve gotten such great feedback both here on NPBusiness.ORG and in private emails. There is clearly a need for further information on this topic.  You can help shape what future of NPBusiness.ORG by taking part in a short 7 question survey. Be sure and share this link – the more NP’s that participate, the better! …

Best Practices – Customer Service

Those of us in private practice or other business endeavors, will do well to follow examples from larger businesses in other industries.  They say that success leaves hints. There is no question as to the hint this example provides.

Nurse Practitioner Forum

“Keeping in touch with one another is the key to advancing our profession.” Says Jim Jolly designer of He started the website in August of this year as a way of communicating with NPs from all around the world. Jim, a Nurse Practitioner in Central California, felt isolated when it came to NP issues. …