A common concern when starting a practice is where will you get the money, and how will you fund this practice. There are many ways to approach funding your business. For example, a few funding options you might use include: Personal Savings Personal loans Commercial Loans Selling a home or obtaining a home equity line Read More

Starting a practice is not an easy thing to do, nor is it a linear process. There are several moving parts, Many things are happening all at once and they are often interdependent on one another. That’s where a framework comes in. In this episode of the NP Business Matters Podcast (#58), I talk about Read More

There are 6 habits that practice owners have, often for the sake of time, that will hurt their practices. It’s widely known that most businesses fail because of poor cash flow. These 6 habits directly contribute to negatively impacting your practices’ financial health. Habit: Failure to verify If your practice accepts insurance coverage, you must Read More

Business structures sometimes confuse new business owners, including nurse practitioners. Here are some considerations and things to avoid. There are multiple business structures one can choose from, depending on your state and their requirements. In this episode of the podcast and video, I give an overview on the following, plus tell you which of them Read More

Cost per patient and payer mix are among the top numbers you need to track when we talk about knowing your numbers. It can make the difference between a practice that is financially solvent and one that is struggling. When I asked a group of NPs, they did not know the answer. It does not Read More

Have you ever wondered if your license was at risk? Our licenses, NPI’s numbers, and our ability to write prescriptions are valuable to many who are likely to be less scrupulous than we are. And the risk that NPs can be exposed to varies. Perhaps, you’ve been approached with an opportunity that could help increase Read More