On July 27, 2008, we interviewed Laura Hoeman about having owning and operating an independent Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner practice. Lots of questions were asked, and great answers given. The interview is available  for replay for the next two weeks at Nurse Practitioner Business Owner. Enjoy.

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The NP Business blog has been hijacked by spammers which has resulted in some less than desireable links. Please do not click any links that do not appear to be legit.  We get attemps at spam multiple times each day, this is the first time however that someone has gotten into the site and been Read More

July seems to be the month for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners when it comes to NP Interviews…we have two very different practices we’ll be looking at. First up is this Sunday July 13, 2008 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern with Laura G Leahy. Ms. Leahy is a dually certified Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Read More

We received this question from a Nurse Practitioner in New York State. I am licensed in NY & NJ, and have a business in NY. My collaborator is licensed only in NY. My business can be portable (laser). Does anyone know if I can practice in NJ while my collaborator is not licensed in that Read More

The AP reported the proposed Medicare cuts would be delayed by 10 days. Read the excerpt below: Amid intense political pressure from the nation’s doctors, the Bush

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Our next interview will be with Mylikia Ross, CMBS. Ms. Ross is the NPBO Billing Expert. She’s going to talk with us about finding that perfect biller and just what to expect from them! In addition to answering your questions, she has prepared some questions that you can use when you interview as well. If Read More