Nurses Pick Up Slack In Rural Healthcare

Like many rural area, MO is lacking in primary care providers. This was certainly true in my area…when I opend, the hospital CEO was quoted as saying we were down by TEN PCP’s. However, there is a bit of a twist to Laura’s story…

ADRIAN, MO. — Many small towns in the Kansas City area don’t have any doctors or they don’t have enough of them. One solution is have someone other than a doctor provide primary care.

A small but growing number of nurses are opening their own clinics.

Adrian, Missouri is an hour south of the Metro. In what once was an empty storefront on Main Street, the Adrian Clinic is now stationed. You won’t find a doctor in, but you will find Nurse Laura. Laura Thiem is a nurse practitioner and she is trained to provide much of the same primary care that doctors provide.

“To try to recruit physicians into rural health care, it just isn’t happening,” Thiem said.

So nurse practitioners are meeting some of the need. Some patients even prefer them to doctors. You’ll find the rest of this article –> Nurses Pick Up Slack In Rural Healthcare


In addition the University of MO is hosting a video and on Laura Thiem, NP. The article and video can be found at I briefly email Laura and it seems there is movement toward removing an NP’s right to own his/her own practice/clinic.

Good luck with this Laura!

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