Networking with Like Minded Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners Networking

You are a Nurse Practitioner with lots of ideas for business ownership.  But as you excitedly speak to your coworkers and peers, you suddenly realize that you may receive little positive support for your efforts.

Most nurses and nurse practitioners did not come up through the ranks learning how to think like a business person.As a soon to be or current business owner, you know what I mean.  Networking with other business minded people is priceless.  You can get new, fresh ideas on how to market yourself, differentiate your business, brainstorm problems and solutions, and generally get and give the support and nurse practitioner business owner needs.  Here are some suggestions for local support:

  1. Your local NP group — some members may also be business owners
  2. Contact other business owners in your area and suggest a get together.
  3. Attend state and national nurse practitioner conferences.
  4. Consider meeting up with a local business group.  While they are not in peer, they are business people and there is a lot of commonality there.
  5. Get involved in online forums.  If you currently have business sections, but that is changing as more nurse practitioners become business owners.
  6. Join us on the interview calls.
  7. Visit this blog,, and participate in the discussion.  You’ll make plenty of connections here.
  8. Join  and network privately in the form and during calls with other NPBO members.
  9. Join us next year at various Nurse Practitioner events.  We plan to hold some network concessions then.

Above all, find a way to participate and share.  It will do wonders for your own growth both as an individual and as a business owner.

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