Maximizing Revenue in the Nurse Practitioner Practices

Owning a nurse practitioner practice can be both rewarding and challenging. While providing high-quality care to patients is always the top priority, increasing revenue is also essential to keep the practice running smoothly.

For nurse practitioner practice owners who are looking to boost their income, there are several strategies they can implement to achieve their goals. Whether it’s increasing Relative Value Units (RVUs), expanding services, improving patient retention, or becoming more efficient at coding, and collections, there are many ways to maximize revenue and grow the practice.

In this podcast we cover:

  • What are RVUS
  • Doing an assessment
  • Other ways to generate revenue
  • Have you looked at your expenses? You don’t need the latest shiny toy.
  • Learning resources

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Are you currently trying to increase your revenue? What have you tried? What’s working? Where do you need help?

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