Countdown to ICD-10

For those of us who had secretly hoped to have a delay of ICD-10 can stop holding our collective breaths.  It’s going to happen, and it’s right around the corner – in fact, it’s 10 days from the time I post this. It’s time to get moving now…or you’ll find yourself completly behind the proverbial 8-ball.

I’ve gathered a few resources for you to get you up to speed as soon as possible.

Road to 10.

This is the CMS resource to help providers, especially those in small practices to get ready. There are webinars to watch, lots of tools and plenty of reading material. This is the default, and those with the last word in ICD-10. However, if you’d rather learn about ICD-10 from others, keep reading.

ICD-10, The Basics: How to Survive and Thrive.

This QuantiaMD presentation is by Dr. Jeffrey Epstein how is on the CDI and ICD-10 Implementing Team at his hospital. In this presentation, he breaks down the diagnostic codes.  If you are not a QuantiaMD member already, you will need to register and confirm your clinical credentials. You’ll find the video here.

ICD-10 is coming to a practice near you.

ICD-10 is coming to a practice near you. Are you ready?  This is a recent article we posted on this site that gives you information on codes and it’s structure, documentation tips, testing, etc.

Physicians Practice Online Journal

Lots of articles can be found within Physicians Practice. You can read about the potential effect of ICD-10 on your revenue, claim denials, find readiness checklist and more.  Their articles are located here.


There are a plethora of companies that have lots of information on ICD-10 and will work with you to get your practice ready. While I cannot vouch for the company, I found this article to list plenty of other resources for you as well.

Your EMR

Very likely your own EMR and billing company have offered you a lot of resources to get ready for ICD-10. If not check out Kareo, Practice Fusion (they are currently offering weekly webinars), and others. And if your vendors have not yet made strides to be ready, then quickly find a new EMR and billing company.


Are you and your staff ready for ICD10?  Share what you’ve been doing, or what you still need to do. What do you need assistance with?

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