Healing is a long way off.

safetyOnce again, our illusions about safety have been shattered. This past week has been full of violence in places we don’t normally associate with violence such as shopping malls and elementary schools.

Like many people all over the world, I have been left speechless by the tragic events that took place @ Sandy Hook School in Newtown, CT.

An atrocity at any time of year, for this to happen now during what should be a magical and joyous time for children and their families is just unimaginable.

As healthcare providers, we will no doubt be faced with parents and children asking what to say and how to deal with this. As is often the case, some of our patients will present with nightmares, anxiety and sadness. I believe that we may see reactions similar to what we saw following 9/11 when our sense of security and safety was at an all time low.

But it’s not just our patients who are affect. Healthcare providers are not immune to the day to day events that take place in our world. We too are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and siblings. We are friends, families and co-workers. And thus, we too are affected.

It’s essential that we take our own advice and participate in the care and nurture of ourselves so that we will have the resources needed to support our families, our patients and our communities. Healing is a long way off.

Hugs & Blessings to all.

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