FTC: Expanded Practice is good


In many states, Nurse Practitioners and other Advance Practice Nurses are facing opposition as they attempt to change legislation to support the October 2010 Institute of Medicine Report, “The Future of Nursing”which recommends that nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training.

Now the Federal Trade Commission has issues a policy paper stating:

“Numerous expert health care policy organizations have concluded that expanded APRN scope of practice should be a key component of our nation’s strategy to deliver effective health care efficiently and, in particular, to fill gaps in primary care access. Based on our extensive knowledge of health care markets, economic principles, and competition theory, the FTC staff reach the same conclusion: expanded APRN scope of practice is good for competition and American consumers.”

It’s time, no, it’s past time. Let us practice to the full extent of our education and training.


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  1. Not allowing full practice is a restriction of trade. Pay parity will be the next hurdle for most of us to overcome. Congratulations to our Oregon colleagues on winning that battle!

  2. It is too bad State Legislators don’t understand or respond to the FTC recommendations. Unfortunately often they are being swayed by state medical assoc. who require their loyalty in preventing the advancement of NP independent practice.

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