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There are a multitude of Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records software available on the market today. Some are free and others can cost literally tens of thousands of dollars. I cannot give comment on many of them, however, I can tell you about the one I use. (If you have a different one and want to write a post for us, sent it to us with your contact info and we’ll add it to a post of its own).

When I opened my office August 2006, I thought it would be a great time to open “paperless”. Let me start by saying…I am NOT paperless and I’m beginning to doubt that such a think is possible…but this is for another post.

Because I had used an EMR, I had an idea of what I wanted and what I didn’t. For me it came down to ease of use, could I get the information I was looking for, how easy was it to maintain (guess who provides the IT? Yep…me) and was it affordable. I was not interested in taking out a second mortgage for a charting package.

I ended up choosing Amazing Charts. First of all, you can download the entire program and run it for free for 3 months. You can play with it and see if it will work for you. While I did that, the true test really does not happen until you are using it “for real”. At the end of my three month trial, I did purchase the program along with support and upgrades. For one provider, I spent about $1500.

While does not do everything I would want, it certainly does a great deal. I also like the fact that the program is constantly being upgraded, there is an active support forum, and most of the time, I can access the “Guardian Angels” when I need some immediate help. What I don’t like is I live on the West Coast and they are on the East Coast.

 I’ll talk my set up in another post, in the meantime, let’s hear about your experiences with EMR and Amazing Charts.

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  1. I also have recently purchased AmazingCharts, and am looking forward to using it. I did download it initially for the 3 month trial, and although a bit premature, was very satisfied with the “practice” patient charts I was able to do. I will need technical support, which is ongoing if you pay the annual fee. It is reasonable compared to so many other EHR systems. I also plan on having a private biller who uses Medisoft, and Amazing charts is compatible, but there are some addl fees to work with this instead of with Amazing charts own billing software. I do not think I will be completely paperless either, as there will always be forms to scan in, etc, but I did learn from working at a Retail clinic in a tiny space how little paper you need. Of course there will be the regulation osha and lab and vaccine books etc. But regarding patient charts, most of it I think can be paper free. Any tips since you are already using it, would be appreciated. Such as how to have a back up, in case the computer crashes. I will definitely ask tech support how to protect my records. Carla

  2. Hello, I just found this site and it is very good. I am a FNP in private practice for now 3 years. I am looking for an EMR, and feel like I could almost sell them as well\, becasue I have looked at 25 +. All have features that are similiar but cost varies greatly.

    I am looking into Amazing Charts now. I almost seems too good to be true, the cost and the updates compared to others. Tell me some things you do not like about the program if you don’t mind.

    I am using QRS practice management for now…………..I am an add on to my collaborating physician’s office for now, but am looking into getting PM on my own. I hear it is better to get a program that has both, so no confusion is made if something goes wrong with one or the other. I appreciate your input.


  3. I am opening my practice officially in a few weeks. My dad just passed away, and it has been very difficult, so there have been some delays. Regarding Amazing charts, I did just recently attend the Pri med conference and the owner was there. I asked about CCHIT, (I believe that stands for Certification Compliance Health Information Technology)which unfortunately will be a reality for all EHRs by 2009. This means that for Amazing Charts, which currently costs 1,000.00 for first provider, and 200.00 for others after that, plus 500.00 a year for tech support, and upgrades, will jump to 3,000 purchase price, and 1500 a year for support. The owner told me due to CCHIT mandatory guideline imposition, he will have to raise prices to stay in business. This will happen with all EHRs, though. I also am going to use Medi Soft for billing, and this is not Amazing charts billing service, so it is compatible but costs 1500 to interface . It is also compatible with labs that are able to integrate with the emr, and then patients can access their labs on line, or they can be printed off for them.

    I am just getting started, and find it pretty easy to navigate, no real negatives, just operator unfamiliarity.
    Carla (Oregon)

  4. I run an Occupational Health and Primary Care Practice. I have looked at Amazing Charts but was concerned about its ability to mesh with our HR program. I do not want to constantly enter new employee demographics. We have no clerical support at this time. Amazing charts seems to offer a great deal for a small price.

    I am currently trialing an EMR called Workplace Applications which offers a great deal of Occ HEalth stuff (all OSHA paperwork is included) , but lacks on things like Storing EKGs , Labs and Xrays in an easy to use format. It also has no billing module.

    It seems that no application offers the complete package, but I keep looking.

    If anyone has a good one, Please let me know.

  5. Barb,

    Two questions regarding Amazing charts, since you are using it. One, how do you back up/store/archive your records for security? I was told to get a hard drive with about 250 gb memory (about 150.00 I was told), and “export” the records, then lock up the hard drive. This way if someone broke into the office and stole the laptop, they would not et patient records. However, to me that is not entirely true. I still need to keep the records on the laptop, so I can access returning patient charts. What do you do? Two, if you wish to scan insurance in, or sports physical, or other forms onto the emr, is there a “file” section in the patient record where you do this? I do love the emr flow, and I have an online chat session scheduled Monday with the East Coast “tech” angels, and I am sure they will help, but you are coming at it from an NP point of view. Thanks, Carla

  6. HI I’ve used Amazing Charts for about 4 years. I basically like it very well. I am on the point of outsourcing billing now. I guess they work with several companies on billing. We thought about switching to EZ Claim and keeping in house, but need to reduce our in management time (lost one employee). Anyone have experience with billing service and AC?
    We back up all our records to a “Life Drive” about once a week. We store this at home. You can also install a second mirror drive in your main computer for back up. Haven’t done much scanning yet. We are getting the Quest bridge to see labs on the record very shortly.

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    I have not used any of the billing services that have been associated with AC. One that had been mentioned on the forum, and endorsed by several members turned out to be a horrible experience. No one talks about them anymore.

    What I finally did, out of necessity was to learn how to bill myself. We were 6 weeks into the practice with nothing coming in because this company was NOT doing any billing. It’s amazing what you can do when you have to.

    Today we are using Practice Mate from Office Ally (www.OfficeAlly.com) both as a practice management solution and billing solution. It does mean we do have to put our patients in by hand, but once they are in the system, the billing goes very quickly.

    Check in at the AC forum as well – perhaps individuals will tell you who they are using (though it seems most people have it in house). Right now, there does not seem to be an easy solution with EZClaims or anyone else for that matter.

    Let us know what you find out.


  8. I have billed out through my biller about 5,000.00 in claims. So far I have seen about 600.00 come back in 3 months. I realize my biller did not have her electronic billing set up yet for me until about a month ago, but want to make sure I am not missing anything. I am keeping track of all copies of what I have given her. She does billing for 2 other NPs and a physician. She also used to work for a large clearing house. She works out of home, and has her own company. She seems knowledgeable. I just wish to know, is this a normal lag time? I send her the demographics form, the hcpa 1500 form, and insurance information for each patient on the day I see them. I do not have in office medisoft or ability to check status on my own. She does use medisoft, and sends claims electronically. She will not get paid by me if we dont get claims in, so I would assume she wants to get paid too. Is this a normal lag time?

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    I started out with using a billing company. After 2 months, I’d gotten back a few hundred dollars. I was seeing plenty of patients too. What I found out, was that even though the company did not get paid unless I did…they were not billing. They always had a reason why.

    That was when I learned how to use office ally (before they had Practice Mate). I was paid on my first bill I sent out in about 10 days (including the weekend). I dissolved my relationship with that company and for several months spent my weekends doing my own bills. I now have someone in the office who will submit bills.

    I know of another NP practice that just closed after several years. A large part of her problem was not being able to find a good biller.

    Consider sending a few bills through OfficeAlly (you don’t need software) and see what kind of return you get on your own.

    Let us know what happens


  10. Hi Barbara,

    I am reading through all of these posts to see if I find new comments from new NPs as I am very interested in what each person experiences. I think I will check out Office Ally, since I don’t need software, and just send out a couple bills and see what happens..I want to see how fast it is..it is really funny, because speaking on not listening… I specifically told my biller a couple mos ago that the Care Oregon person was coming to my office, and was going to put me on the website with a log in password and ID so we could start verifying and using the online functions. The biller said “make sure you send me your password etc when you get it”.. Well then tonight she said “oh I registered you with Care Oregon, and assigned you a password, and now you can get on.” and I said ” I already have a password, etc.. that was done two mos ago..” I guess she did not listen to me, and instead of doing that she should be following up on those aging reports.. I dont think anything should be aging anyway! Every payment should be under 30 days, including those from patients. That was frustrating. I feel we are not on the same page.. we will see..


  11. I have purchased amazing charts and Medisoft. It has been nothing but a nightmare so far. We are using Amazing charts and have been paper billing. I have still not been able to get amazing charts and medisoft to communicate as it should using Xlink. I am awaiting a call from X-link and amazing charts tech support should be joining in to try and get this resolved. Anyone with any experience using the 2 together and/or any suggestions?

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  13. Hi, everyone. We are a billing service and have a few providers who use AC, and each day securely e-mail us their HCFA forms (print them to PDF) from AC…Claims go out by the next day at the latest….and the money goes to you. Feel free to check out our website, http://www.mbpros.com….and feel free to contact many of the listed references. We also offer a hosted version of AC where you can access AC via the Internet….Then, each day we would log in to your account and print out the claims from the previous day and submit your claims to the payers.

  14. Good Morning!

    My name is Jeff Bush. I am the Regional Sales Mgr with Amazing Charts. I would like to thank all the NP’s that stopped by our booth (Boston – PriMed, Nov, 2011). NP’s that are in private practice currently face the same issues as MD’s! We are here to help you with your decisions. Most of our clients have between 1 and 3 providers. Many practices can be up and running with AC without in-office training! Please call me at 401-419-6207 or visit our website for more information. Thanks again!

  15. We started using Amazing Charts when it was just Dr. Bertman and his funny website. It has been amazingly stable, running for 9 years without malfunction. We use a wired network to keep fast and secure. Our database is in a server, backed up automatically, and also manually to a thumbdrive every week and taken off site. You can use any pc. Without any training our new and temps are able to pick it up and be at full speed in a day. Love it and recommend it to anyone.

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