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A wonderful resource of NP’s is the various email list that is under the umbrella of NP Central. There is so much teaching, learning, sharing and support that goes on – it’s truly amazing. I’ve been on those lists for at least the last 10 years (most likely more) and there is something I’ve seen over and over again.

Someone writes in looking for a specific tool. A helpful NP/PA responds by saying, I have that tool and I’ll send it to you. Pretty soon several more people most requesting a copy of the said tool. The individual who offered to send it now has literally dozens and dozens of requests for the tool, and now spends hours trying to accommodate the multiple requests.

So when I recently received an email request from someone looking for a form, this idea came to mind, and I believe it will benefit all of us. Send me your tools (see contact info below) and I will put them all together into a pdf document/ebook that can be freely downloaded from NPBusiness.ORG . I’ll try and update the document on at least a monthly basis (as new tools are received). Please include the tool source and your name if you want to be credited for the tool. I’ll need your contact info as well in case I have any questions.

What kind of clinical tools?

  • H&P Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Encounter forms
  • Decision trees/flow sheets
  • Patient Teaching handouts on any subject
  • Resource lists used in clinical practice
  • Patient pain documentation
  • Medication “contracts”
  • Documentation templates

This list can go on and on but you get the idea. The point is to make this a useful tool for all NP’s and PA’s in clinical practice.

To participate, please send your form/tool along with the source of the tool and your contact information (in case I have questions, I will not publish your email/phone number unless you authorize it):

  • You can email the documents to: barbaracphillips (at)
  • You can fax to my office: 360-538-1700 (Please make sure the copy is clean so it will scan well)

I look forward to all of us having a bit easier time in practice with tools that work.


PrimaryCareToolsEDIT:  I was just reminded by Christine Smith, NP of California (Thank You!), that there is a book out by Lorraine Loretz, NP that brings together several different clinical tools in one place.

Primary Care Tools for Clinicians: A Compendium of Forms, Questionnaires, and Rating Scales for Everyday Practice

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  1. Barbara,

    I like the idea of having a list of forms, ect to share. I have a great deal of forms I have made up for my private psychiatric practice that I would be happy to share. Some of the forms I use are just straight forward and others are made with adobe that have drop down lists that make things easier.

    I’ll send some of these off to you.


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