Moving Past Analysis Paralysis to Start Your Practice

Just what is analysis paralysis and how can it sabotage your practice startup?

Analysis paralysis refers to the state of overthinking, and excessive analysis to the point where moving forward is quite difficult. The choices and decisions can be endless, and in the end, we are fearful of being wrong in our choices.

This is not something that affects only Nurse Practitioners – it can affect all humans. We’ve been educated and trained to be “right” since we were young children. And certainly, our work and education have only added to that.

But what can you do when it stops you cold in your tracks?

That’s the topic of Episode #79 of the NP Business Matters Podcast. Listen and then leave your comments and experience below.

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Has this been an issue for you? What did you do about it? What have you found has helped?

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  1. This podcast topic was a close parallel to discussions I’ve been having with patients just this week. Though theirs were based on anxiety to some degree and their fight/flight/freeze response. I had a couple of discussions on how they can recognize this and potentially keep momentum goi a din not freeze up.

    Very timely!

  2. Great podcast, Barbara! I know you were talking directly to me as well 🙂
    Thank you!

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