9 Tips for Interviewing and Hiring the Best Candidates for your Practice

A perk of being a Nurse Practitioner or other Clinician Own business is that you have the ability to contribute to your community, not only through your services, but also by providing jobs. However, finding the most qualified individual for the job you offer, can be a challenge.

In most businesses, the cost of staff and related human resources expense is often the biggest part of overhead. Thus it’s important to hire and retain good personnel in your business. However, most business owners will tell you it’s frequently difficult to find the right people that you can work with. Let’s review some ways you can increase your ability to attract the best candidates to the interview table.

  1. Get very clear on exactly what it is that you want someone to do. Have a clearly written job description.
  2. Identify your ideal employee. Just like in marketing where you identify your ideal patient, you want to identify your ideal employee. It will make it much easier to craft the announcement of your opening with clarity.
  3. Clearly identify instructions in how to apply for the job. You may consider including a small phrase that you want them to reference. This insures that they have actually read your requirements and instructions. This will immediately eliminate those who cannot follow directions.
  4. Ask them what they feel their biggest strength and weakness are.
  5. Then ask them what their former employer would say their biggest strength and biggest weakness is.
  6. Let them know up front that prior to the final job offer they will be asked to arrange for a reference check interviews between you and their former employer and co-workers. This will likely reduce your application pool further – leaving you with individuals are motivated go-getters.
  7. Depending on the position, I will often give candidates test scenarios to gauge their response time, creativity and composure. The scenarios are usually everyday scenes from any practice, with one or two “emergency” type situations.
  8. As you narrow down your pool of applicants, consider doing 2nd or even 3rd round interviews.
  9. Considering doing a background check on the final individuals. There are many firms that for a small fee will do background and criminal checks on individuals for you.

Many people are applying for jobs these days, but not everyone is qualified for the job you may be offering. You’ll want to narrow your interview process down to the most qualified individuals. Taking the time, as well as the expense to hire correctly to begin with promises to deliver the right hire and a good return on investment.

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  1. Great article. As someone that makes a living recruiting Nurse Practitioners for private groups and hospitals I can say that your article is outstanding. I love the 9 tips for hiring.

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