Embezzlement is real and it happens in health care practices. Let’s explore embezzlement and employee theft in practices. One of the few things we want to face in our business is that employees will steal from the practice. Why would someone do that when we are all there to provide a service to the community? Read More

Everyone, including healthcare workers are targets for fraudsters. Learn tactics scammers use and gain the knowledge to protect yourself, your license, and your practice. Scams and fraud are on the rise, and healthcare has been identified by the FBI as targets. In this episode, I’m talking about how you, as an individual in healthcare may Read More

Here is the follow-up to last week’s article about the pros and cons of email vs social media marketing. If you recall, email is not better than social media (and vice versa). Both have their place in marketing and should be part of marketing your practice. Today, many NPs use social media marketing to help Read More

How do you market your Nurse Practitioner practice? With email, social media, a combination of the two, or something else? No matter your choice, marketing comes down to letting people know about your practice and how you can help them.

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Collaboration Issues continue to plague Nurse Practitioners. How can you avoid some of the problems, pitfalls, and issues? In this Episode of the NP Business Matters Podcast, I wanted to tackle some recurring issues I see all the time regarding NPs and collaborators. NPs often have question topics around collaboration, for example: In this episode, Read More

Have you ever wondered what success tips nurse practitioner business owners would share with you? Well, here they are. I recently asked Nurse Practitioner business owners to share some of their top success tips for those who are thinking about starting and growing their own practices. So in this episode of the NP Business Matters Read More