Out-of-network billing is never as easy as it seems. Not understanding how to proceed can cost your practice, and your patient money and frustration. In this podcast and video, we discuss: While not mentioned in this recording, I suggest you do a search for “out-of-network billing law”. Some states may have a law dictating what Read More

Do you ever get requests to provide medical treatment for friends, family, or staff? Many providers get that on a regular basis, in the office, and at social and sports events. But the question is, should you? This episode of the NP Business Matters podcast was inspired by an NPBO™ Member who was looking for Read More

Owning a nurse practitioner practice can be both rewarding and challenging. While providing high-quality care to patients is always the top priority, increasing revenue is also essential to keep the practice running smoothly. For nurse practitioner practice owners who are looking to boost their income, there are several strategies they can implement to achieve their Read More

Looking for the perfect CPA for your nurse practitioner practice? Learn how to find the best CPA for your practice. As a nurse practitioner, it’s important to not only focus on the health of your patients but also on the financial health of your practice. One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your Read More

On the surface, it sounds like having non-participating provider status with Medicare is a good thing. But for NPs, is it really? Medicare requires NPs enrolled with Medicare as a provider to accept assignment. That the rule had always taught me that NPs could not opt for “non-participating” provider status. Recently though, I’ve heard from Read More

When it comes to medical equipment, the cost is a major factor to consider. Used medical equipment can be an excellent option for nurse practitioners just getting started in their own practice as well as established practice owners. The upside to purchasing used equipment is that you can save money without sacrificing quality. Used medical Read More