What’s changing with email; what are the new rules and requirements? Google and Yahoo released new email rules, all in an effort to cut down on the number of spam and malicious content sent via email.   You probably don’t send spam to people on your email list. However, for all of us who don’t Read More

Beginning Jan 1, 2024, business owners are required to file Beneficial Ownership Information. If you have a business that you created, and it does not meet the exemptions (which our businesses do not), then you need to file. This 10-minute video breaks it. I talk about: It really is easy to do. I’ll post the Read More

Once a practice is up and running, there is still quite a bit to keep your eyes open to and manage . Some of the most common issues NPs report have to do with mone: billing, managing funds, and getting enough patients into the practice. Much like the previous last blog post, here are our Read More

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading NP Business, that the most common question we receive is “How do I start a practice?” As we get ready to close out 2023, I wanted to post a playlist of our most popular podcasts and blog posts about starting a practice. I’ll follow this up Read More

Planning for the new year is a tradition. And once again, it’s that time; it’s time to plan. But before you look toward the future, stop and look in the rear mirror. 1. Review Before going on to plan for next year, review the current one. Take stock of what you’ve accomplished in your business Read More