Not our usual topic of discussion, but an important one never-the-less – self-publishing. Why? I’ve been advised for years that having your own book was something that all business owners should do, that it helps establish you as an expert in your field, and this idea is just as true for clinicians as it is Read More

Opting out of Medicare has caused a lot of confusion for NPs and other providers. Not understanding what it means can lead to problems & fines. In this episode of the NP Business Matters Podcast (Episode #65) I address: The Social Security Act and how that impacts providers. When you can bill Medicare and when Read More

Is it a recession? A slow down? Something else? Regardless, NPs need to understand how to protect their practices and even thrive. The news is quite unsettling these days on many fronts and there is a lot of talk in healthcare about the economy and if, when, and how it will impact healthcare and healthcare Read More

It’s not uncommon that NPs approach business with the idea that they can bootstrap their business. Indeed, if you do an internet search, you’ll find tons of articles on how to bootstrap your business. Indeed, there are many companies that did their startup this way. However, it just means they did not go after investors. Read More

There are several different kinds of policies and areas of coverage when it comes to business insurance. For practice owners, this can get a bit confusing. In this episode #62 of the NP Business Matters Podcast, I’m talking about the different kinds of insurance, why you might want to have them, and where to find Read More

If you are billing third-party payers, chances are you’ve run into a glitch or two. Creating better billing habits just might help you breathe easier. Very few of us would say our processes cannot be improved. And judging from some of the NPs I’ve spoken to, and the questions I’ve received, the billing process is Read More