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How to “Treat” The Biggest Headaches In Private Practice?

If you’re scratching your head wondering what I’m talking about, this article may not be for you. But if you see a flash of problems across your minds’ eye, read on… because this is for you! Headaches, obstacles, problems, challenges, opportunities… Whatever you call them, if you’ve been in practice for any length of time, …

Stop Losing Money @ Your Front Desk on

Stop Losing Money At Your Front Desk!

It’s one thing to sell products and services to customers, and it’s another thing to get paid for them. Would you agree? And nowhere is this more apparent than in the medical office. Not only do you fight for reimbursement from some insurance carriers, but at times you also have to battle patients to pay …

How Much Money Will I make in my own Practice?

How Much Money Will I Make?

Nurse practitioners and other clinicians who are starting a practice often ask this question. Indeed, all of us want to know when and how much we can expect in any new job. Those of us starting a practice are even more concerned about it. And here’s the difference.