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Free Blogging Platforms: a blog is a good way to quickly build an online presence. Two free resources are and Both are hosted options, which means your blog is hosted on their servers. If you prefer to host your own blog on your on hosting account, then see


American Association of Nurse Practitioners – Credentials FNP’s and ANP’s

American Nurses Credentialing Center – Credentialing for many nurse and nurse practitioner specialties.

Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association

Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health


DEA – Apply here to get your DEA number


Advance for NPs & PAs

The Nurse Practitioner Journal


Family Practice Management

Medical Economics

Physicians Practice – Practice Management Journal

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  1. NPs going into business…need an array of services available…such as attorneys who are familiar with NP practice acts in each state, insurance companies familiar with NP scope of practice, more business classes. Information on contract language when applying for positions…more options available in the hiring process especially in this day and age of reimbursement …percentages are a far better income possibility.
    Meg Helgert FNP
    (Portland Oregon)

  2. I really enjoy this site, it is very informative and supportive. I also use Office Ally, I find it to be a good fit for my practice at this time and the price is great. I am going to check out the esurg site and see what they have to offer. Please keep up the good work and I will send resources as I find them.

  3. Can others share the difference between what Office Ally would provide compared to Medisoft? If you have OfficeAlly, do you not use a biller? I have contracted with a biller who I really like, we have just not gotten started yet. Thanks, and again, this site is so supportive for me. Carla Anderson

  4. Under Continuing Education Resources- I find to be excellent. They often have articles that are worth 2-4 contact hours instead of the usual 1, and you get a great certificate printed out immediately. The website has a tracker that keeps track of your hours and most of them are ANCC accredited.

  5. I also love E-Surg, and they were very quick to set up an account and line of credit for me.

    Another site I would like posted as a resource is I was able to order some security prescriptions very easily, and so in addition to using the regular ones off of the emr, it is good to have the special security ones for class 2 drugs. They cannot be copied, and the pharmacists can check for fraud easily with a special light.

    Another Medical supply order site is called Every site has different things, but they have great table paper in colors, and sundry jars, and just some great odds and ends.

  6. I don’t know if this would be the correct category for this but AT&T sent me an invitation to be on a wecast entite “The Girls Guide To Building A Million Dollar Business” The person who will be giving the presentation is Susan Solovic. It looks as if she has a background in journalism and the media… The one thing that attracted me to her website is the fact that most of us are women and I am not trying to leave males out but there are a lot of resources for women who own their own business (organizations etc) at the bottom of her webpage… and continous feeds on what is going on in the business world…. I just thought it could be another resource for all of us… is the name of the website.


  7. Hello. I just joined NP in Business yesterday and I am enjoying all the talk. I am an FNP with 12 years experience currently living in Florida. I am seriously thinking of get into my own practice. Is there anyone out there from Florida that can give me any advice? Also, is anyone looking for an NP partner in the Orlando area.

  8. I am new to the (rearch triangle) NC area and looking to start my own practice. Is there anyone interested in starting up ? Please feel free to email me. Does anyone have advice for getting an MD to “collaborate” with?


  9. I am licensed in NY & NJ, and have a business in NY. My collaborator is licensed only in NY. My business can be portable (laser). Does anyone know if I can practice in NJ while my collaborator is not licensed in that state?

  10. I am opening an urgent care center and I need a simple program for the office, cash or credit, no insurance, so I need something that shows patients name, meds alllergies, birthdate. Also I am a walk in but need someway to schedule potential appts, exp dot and sports physical. Also to keep record of days income.

  11. I am thinking about starting my own business. I live in TX. Does anyone know how to get a medicare number? Any suggestions for a good website to help develop a company name? I want to set myself up in a professional limited liabilty company. any info would be helpful, thanks Juanita

  12. I am a FNP and i want to establish my own business…..can anyone give my ideas as to what kind of businesses are out there to explore….I live in chicago….if anyone also wants to work together pls let me know…

  13. I am seeking to start my own practice in Kentucky where I live and currently work and I NEED ADVICE from all who will give it. Advice on all the particulars of starting my own practice. I have already lined up potential office space and am open to a partner/partners too!

  14. Post


    I would recommend you go through this blog, look specifically through the categories of “startup”. We also share strategies for starting and running your business in our newsletter “Progress Notes”, so get signed up for that. And if I may, we do offer a course in how to get started, the summer session begins July 12, 2011. You can find more on this blog or at

    Hope this helps.

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