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Office Ally – This is the clearing house that I use for electronic billing. There is no charge to providers unless over half your billling is Medicare or Medicaid. If so, your fee is still only $20.00. They just launched a new practice management module that is free and plan to launch an online EMR system as well in the near future.


Esurg – What I like about Esurg is that you can buy items in small amounts. This is important especially as you start out and you are trying to figure out just what you need and how much. I find their prices, for the most part very reasonable. If you decide to give them a try, let them know we sent you. Thanks!

Medical Arts Press – They have some clinical supplies, but mostly forms, prescriptions and the like.


APEA – Advanced Practice Education Associates is an educational organization committed to helping nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students advance professionally and educationally through review courses, continuing education programs, books, and other educational offerings. APEA is a proud supporter of the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF) organization.

FHEA – Fitzgerald Health Education Associates, Inc. is an NP-owned company dedicated to helping nurse practitioners, advanced practice and ambulatory care nurses achieve certification through review courses and to maintain professional competence by providing live continuing education seminars, web and computer based learning courses, audio/video learning modules and books.

NPACE – Provides continuing education conferences yearly in several locations. Mostly East Coast.

PRI-MED – Offers both online and offline continuing education. It’s high quality and it’s free!

University of Washington/CNE – University of Washington, School of Nursing, Continuing Nursing Education. Each Fall, UW-SON holds it’s annual NP Conference that is fantastic. This is not one to miss if you can help it!

University of Washington/CME – UW, Continuing Medical Education

EMR Resources & Software

Amazing Charts

EMR Update - An unbiased, independent and impartial forum for those who use, develop and support EMR systems.


NP Central – lots of resources for NP’s. Home of the largest email lists for NP’s – NP Clinical and NP Info. Very active lists.

What is a Nurse Practitioner – according to Wikipedia


Carolyn Buppert, NP, JD


CM&F Group

NSO – If you have an alternative practice, or you are perceived to have an alternative practice (ie, having an Acupuncturists in your practice), they will not insure a NP practice.



Register a domain name – this is the service I use for all my domain names.

Hosting Accounts – very important! I’ve used this service for the past 3 years – I was only down once for a few hours (but then most of North America was out at the same time).

Build a website – This software makes it easy if you are the do it yourself kind.

Free Blogging Platforms – a blog is a good way to quickly build an online presence. Two free resources are and Both are hosted options, which means your blog is hosted on their servers. If you prefer to host your own blog on your on hosting account, then see


American Academy of Nurse Practitioners – Credentials FNP’s and ANP’s

American College of Nurse Practitioners

American Nurses Credentialing Center - Credentialing for many nurse and nurse practitioner specialties.

National Conference of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health

Olympia Area Advanced Practice Association – Olympia, WA and surrounding region


DEA - Apply here to get your DEA number


Advance for Nurse Practitioners

The Nurse Practitioner Journal


Family Practice Management

Medical Economics

Physicians Practice – Practice Management Journal