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Practice Startup Questions and Answers

Recently (Jan 29, 2017) we held a webinar on Starting Your Own Practice for nurse practitioners and other clinicians. Unfortunately, the many people could not get on the webinar as we maxed out our platform.

Unfortunately, the many people could not get on the webinar as we maxed out our platform and others missed signing up. Because of this, I thought I’d share the some of the questions asked on the webinar via a short video.

Here are the questions:

  • Situation: A Medicare HMO patient is seen as a cash patient at the families request. The NP is not in network, but is credentialed with Medicare. Can she collect cash payment from this patient?
  • If you are a cash-only business can you accept Medicare/Medicaid patients and have them pay cash or is this illegal?
  • My biggest concern is billing Medicaid and Medicare. How do you ensure you do not run into fraud unintentionally? Are there any links or classes that Medicaid offers?
  • Is it possible to obtain a practice insurance to cover self only (professional liability insurance) and business later? I’m having a hard time finding a company to offer that. Saying they have to cover the business too.
  • Do you have any recommendations on how to find a CPA and attorney?
  • What is better LLC or PLLC or S-Corp or C-Corp?
  • I will be 60 years old, is this worth the time and effort?
  • Is there a manual for the step by step process to starting a clinic?
  • Credentialing with CMS is a very painful process, agencies that do this charge a lot of money. Any suggestions?

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  1. Question: My collaborating physician is throwing a fit because I do not have him labelled as the PCP on my patients. I started a House-Call practice in Texas a few months ago and might have missed that learning session. He will be scheduled to see the patients as time comes but so far, I am the provider seeing the patients. According to Medicare guidelines for home care, he signs the POC and supply orders. Do I label him the PCP (which in my case is- primary care provider) or what am I doing wrong?
    Thanks for answering

  2. I forgot to mention that the patients POC have his name on them and he just wants me to label him the PCP in EHR.

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    Hi Linda,

    Unless there is a requirement to do so (and I’m not aware of one, but double check your state laws), I would not name him as the PCP. Doing so would increase his liability and responsibility for the patients – so I’m not sure why he wants that. I’m not familiar with anyone who has a physician labeled as the PCP in their EHR for house calls.

    The POC is another animal…and Medicare requires the physician to be listed.

    Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

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