Target Market?

Do you know who you are targeting? When starting a business, one of the most fundamental tasks that face us is identifying our target market.  So many of us make the mistake that our practice or business is going to be for every one.  Obviously that is not the case. 

Offering Ancillary Products and Services

I received a question from a new FNP. One of the current activities is that she has become a distributor for a company that promotes health and nutritional supplements to the public. Her question has to do with her clients or herself notifying their health care providers that they are taking supplements.

Micro Health Care Practices

Micro-Practices is a term I believe was originally coined by Gordon Moore M.D. approximately 5 years ago. His article was originally published in Family Practice Management in 2002. (Going Solo, Making the Leap; Going Solo, One Doc, One Room,  One Year Later; Answers to Questions about Idealized Solo Practice).

Health Care Practice – 1 year later

Happy Anniversary Aberdeen Primary Care We opened our doors August 1, 2006 and this past year has literally flown by. I’ve learned a lot of good things, and things I could’ve passed on. Either way it has been an incredible learning and growing experience.

Hearts Made Happy – Health Coaching, NP Style

A recent discussion on the NP List has been about health coaching. This discussion I believe, started with a post about a new “business” called Health Coaching, where the people being trained were non-professionals

Prescription Writing Law for Medicaid Patients

Tucked away in the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act of 2007, is a little known law that takes effect 10/1/2007 that will impact all practices seeing Medicaid patients. This law, once it is implemented, will require us to write Medicaid prescriptions on special tamper-resistant prescription pads or use …