Marketing Your Practice Revisited

For any practice, the lifeblood comes from our patients. If we have no patients, we have no income and no business. Oftentimes when we think of marketing, we think of advertising which causes us to see dollar signs all over the place. But does marketing have to cost lots of money?

Clinical Forms II

The following forms have been sent in to be shared with other NPs and PAs in clinical practice.

Clinical Forms

Thus far, three different NP’s have shared clinical forms with NPBusiness.ORG, 19 forms in total.

Physician Collaboration

In many states, formal physician collaborative agreements are a requirement for practice.

Medicare Credentialing Applications

Applying to become a Medicare provider can be a daunting task! First you have to decide which application(s) you need and then work your way through the long application.  Here are a few quick tips

Nurses Pick Up Slack In Rural Healthcare

Like many rural area, MO is lacking in primary care providers. This was certainly true in my area…when I opend, the hospital CEO was quoted as saying we were down by TEN PCP’s. However, there is a bit of a twist to Laura’s story…