Tips for Small Business

Nina Ravey, NP often shares various gems she finds with us. Here is what she has to say about this one: A yahoo site which details how to start a small business including how to write a business plan, etc. Thought it might be helpful to some. I know I could have used it myself. …

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Practice in Florida

From what I’ve read previously, Nurse Practitioner practice in Florida has some unique challenges. And apparently this is true for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners as well. This question comes from an NP in Florida who wishes to open her own psych practice.

Liability Insurance

I received a question from a woman who is an FNP and CNM in Oregon. She is no longer practicing as a CNM, but is opening an office as an FNP. However, she has run into a snag.

Insurance Credentialing

I received a call this evening from a fellow NP who is a practice owner here in WA. Her clinic is a combination of urgent care and primary care.  She recently hired a couple of NPs and has been working on getting them credentialed with insurance companies. Two of those applications have taken a new, …

Flu Vaccines – How to Code

We get asked a lot about vaccines in the office. I’ve often held off doing them – one of my concners has been that reimbursement from certain carriers does not cover my cost to purchase the vaccine.

Bimbela Publications

Nurse Practitioners in practice often ask for templates they can use for things such as practice agreements, sample contracts, and protocols.