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QOW: About Starting a Practice.

Questions about starting a practice are among the most common questions we receive. In this week’s episode of Question of the Week, we will answer some of the many questions asked during the Starting Your Own NP Business: Next Steps, Part 2 webinar (9/20/2017) sponsored by the  American Association of Nurse Practitioners and the National Nurse-Led Care …

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What Are The Benefits Of A Mission Statement?

  Some argue that a mission statement for a small business is a waste of time; I disagree. I believe the mission statement can provide great value to any size business, provided it is written in a way that makes it useful and applicable. So, do you have a mission statement for your business, your …

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How To Market Your Practice With Press Releases

A press release? They’re “so yesterday”; you’re kidding? No, I’m not pulling your leg. While press releases have been around for over 100 years, they’re still used today because they still work. But first things first… What is a Press Release? A press release or news release announces a piece of news or an event …

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3 Simple Ways to Capture Testimonials From Your Patients

Use testimonials to market my practice, really? Yes… just think about it. Who do you believe more? The sales person? Or the individual telling you firsthand about their experience? Typically it’s not the salesperson, but it’s the person with firsthand experience. This phenomenon also applies to your practice. In general, people believe more what others … what?

Denied…what now?

We’ve all been there. The insurance company will not credential me now what? The needed prior authorization for [insert drug, imaging, lab test, etc here] was denied, now what? The claim for a medically necessary visit was denied, now what? One of the most frustrating things for healthcare providers (regardless of the initials after the …