Outdated Reference Books


Like many health care providers, after years of schooling and continuing education, I have a fairly extensive reference library. So much so that I have been running out of space.

My question to all of you is this…what do you do with your outdated reference books? I’m almost embarrassed to say how far back some of this goes (though not as far as the Tabers I posted about earlier).

Do you just put the books in the recycle bin? Do you donate them (and to whom)? Do you past them off to your children who are following in your footsteps (though I venture to guess they need NEW reference material)? Maybe you turned your 1993 drug reference book into vintage art?

Share with all of us…what are you doing with your old reference books?

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  1. I have simply recycled them as libraries won’t take them and I had no luck finding a mission that might need them… such a bummer, really, so much money. I am glad for more digital resources now, or reasonably priced guideline references like the Lange series.

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