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  1. I am also an Women’s Health and FNP-C, MNS who owns a successful practice for 10 years in pomona ca. address: 1019 E. Holt Ave, Pomona CA Phone 909 623-7799.

    I am looking to move to FLorida, and open a private practice there. any suggestions. Laws from state to state are different for NP scope of practice.
    Appreciate any help. God Bless.

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    Hi Sonia,

    Congratulations on your California practice!

    The most important thing you can do is to research the area you are going into and look carefully at the SOP for Florida. It can be done, you just need to be aware of the challenges NPs in Florida have.

    Best wishes!


  3. Hello,
    I am a Nurse Practitioner from Canada and founder of Frontline Education, We leverage open source software (free) and assist in moving research into practice (not free). Innovation does not change practice unless its used, and the goal at Frontline is to help raise the bar for quality improvement. We offer the following to researchers, health-care organizations and individuals:

    -Open source learning management system (to run your own courses, disseminate research)
    -Workshops and conferences on a variety of topics (i.e Canadian NP and RN exam preparation, woundcare etc)
    -Consulting for quality improvement, online learning management and networking.

    I would be interested in being listed on your site as a resource

  4. I have a house call practice in central Indiana since 2007. In 2011, I am working to expand the practice across the state. I would love to be included on your site.
    Thank you,
    Laura Snider, DNP

  5. Hi, I am a women’s health and Certified Family Nurse Practitioners, who ownes a practice in the city of Pomona, address: 1019 E. Holt Ave, Pomona CA 91767, I being serving this community for a little over 9 years. Can you please add me to your list.
    and Mrs. Phillips thanks for your previous advised. I had decided to stay in california at this time, as my practice is getting very strong. God Bless for all your help and advices.

  6. hi, Barbara,
    I owned a practice in california, and I am thinking of selling medication inhouse, is this possible?, I have a physician who is my supervisor but not the director of the clinic. I am the solely owner of the office. would this be okay? or where can I found out about selling medication in my office. plesae let me know thanks.
    Also would you please add me to your list of NP businesses.. thanks.

  7. hi,
    i am looking for a FNP who wants to work few days per week at a busy family practice office,
    if interested please call 909 623-7799, ask for Sonia. thanks.
    Practice located in Pomona, California.

  8. I am a family nurse practitioner in private practice. I have a strong interest in endocrinology, especially diabetes management.

    Heritage Health Center
    20696 Bond Rd. NE, Suite 110
    Poulsbo, WA 98370
    Phone: 360-697-5500
    Fax: 360-697-5522

  9. Please add my website and blog to your site. My website and blog provides education on improving clear communication, patient education and improving patient self management to improve health outcomes. Would love to connect on Twitter @HealthLitcom.

  10. I am looking into starting my own practice. I am very nervous about doing this there is so much to know. My speciality is sleep disorders and pulmonary. I dont see any NPs out there that are sleepNPs. I am living in Montana and looking into moving to a rural area. Are there any incentives for us to start up a practice in this type of area? Your site is great and has alot of good information.
    Thanks Mary

  11. Hello; I’m currrently working on getting a new practice up and going. I’m in Charlotte NC. I have my business name paddened already with the state of NC and business license through the BON. That is the requirement here in NC. I am currently in the process of credentialing with Medicaid, Medicare, United Healthcare and Aetna, for starters and getting my Collaborative Agreement together.Well, actually I have a Medicare number already through a job I decided not to take, hopefully I can use the same number for my business? I also have my tax ID number. In essence; there is so much to do but my zeal out-weighs the stress. I extremely NERVOUS though…I must admit! I wish you all well with your practice’s. Have a blessed holiday & New Year! Any additional comments/leads would be highly appreciated. Babara; I haven’t forgotten about re-joining. I plan to do that in January 2012. Blessings,

    Kim English, FNP-BC

  12. Barbara; I neglected to thank you for the Webinar on 10/30 11 ” The Business of Being a HealthCare Povider” The information was priceless!

    Again, thank-you!


  13. Hello everyone; I just wanted to share some information that may not be known. There is an EHR available free called Practice Fusion, it is very detailed in terms of documentation, well known as well as come highly recommended.
    Check it out!

  14. Hello,
    I have home health service company incorporated in the state of Texas but never start the business. Now that I am FNP-BC, is it possible to use the same company to start housecall business? Also, I need information on how to get it start. Open to any suggestions.

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    You might be able to, depending on the rules in your state, you’ll need to check with whoever controls corporations in your state in order to change any names.

    As far as starting a practice, regardless of what you are doing there are 7 broad steps to doing so. You’ll find more info on this video:

    The NPs I work with in Texas tell me one of their biggest challenges is finding and keep a collaborating physician, so you’ll want to make sure you have one or even two firmly in place.


  16. I recently opened my family practice clinic in Clermont Florida and would like to have my listing listed please:
    Vanguard Medical Center
    711 S. Highway 27, Suite E
    Clermont, FL 34711
    Office: (352) 243-9355/(352) 243-9333
    Fax: (352) 243-9334
    Our services include primary care services in addition to functional and integrative medicine.

  17. Hello!
    Health at Home Consultants is the first NP owned housecall practice in the state of Nebraska. We used to be on the list and I noticed we are not listed anymore.
    When YOU are unable to get to the cinic, we bring the clinic to YOU!
    Please do add us to the list.

  18. I am NP and thinking of buying a practice in California, which is running for last 20 years.
    Two questions:
    1. Do I need a physician to be co owner of the practice
    2. Which insurances will pay me 100% against my billing and which will not.


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    In California, if you want to own a “medical corporation”, you will have to have a physician own the business @ 51%. However, if you create a “nursing corporation” you can own it. Of course, you still need a collaborating physician in CA.

    There is no way for me to know which insurance companies will pay you what. They are different from company to company and location to location.



  20. Hello, how does one establish a nursing corporation? What distinguishes a nursing corporation from a medical corporation?

    Just a couple of questions of the many I will have.


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  23. Hi. I am employed at a weight loss franchise in Tennessee. Since our clientele pay out of pocket for services rendered, is a face-to-face encounter required for prescriptions to be written for noncontrolled medications? My “boss” wants my contact to be via phone, and their medication will be sent to their home, bypassing the need for a brick-and-mortar business, improving his profit margin. Kosher? Have spent a great deal of time on this with no answer by way of my research. Thanks-Pam Hirst

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    Hi Pam,

    Prescribing medication to patients you have not seen face to face @ least once and then periodically is not, IMHO, a very safe practice.

    If your employer wants to avoid the brick-and-mortar storefront, then what about visits to the person at home/work in order to do a physical evaluation first?

    If there was a problem caused by medication you prescribed and you had not seen the patient, guess who would be held liable?


  25. I am a holistic NP and have had my own business since 2009. I practice Eden Energy Medicine as my primary modality and am a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner. My work focuses on energy-based healing, working with the subtle energy flows of the body. As a complementary medicine practitioner, I am thrilled to be offering the work of Donna Eden to the public in a skilled and professional way. Donna is a world renowned healer, teacher, and author and has authored two books which are the leading edge of energy healing. Dr. Christine Northrup wrote the forward to her last book!

  26. I’m a PNP and would love to be added to your blog list! I write mainly about experiences in my day to day life in practice, but do hit on issues important to NPs. I tend to take an irreverent view of medicine, but I do care deeply about my patients! My sense of humor helps me keep my stress level down.

  27. Hi. I will graduate in 08/13. I will be a PMHNP, is there a way I can join a practice. I have been a Psych nurse for 15 years. Ant suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  28. I am a nurse practitioner in private practice in New Orleans. I provide wound care and management to patients in nursing homes and LTAC facilities. The name of my company is Audubon Health Specialty LLC. I love owning my own business. Please add me to the list.

  29. I am wanting to start a business from home (to keep overhead low) performing nurse practitioner home health and hospice here in NC. I have a supervising M.D., a nurse, a biller and a home health aide lined up . Does anyone have any information on what is required to get this started? I am already panelled with insurance companies — just need to switch them over to my LLC. Do patients have to be referred to me or can I market for and establish patient cases based on patient self referral?

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    Amy, sounds like you are off to a good start.
    Be sure you have a NPI number and tax ID number for your LLC. Some insurance (Medicare for sure) will require to reapply. Others will just change the tax ID number.

    Unless you want to be a referral only business, go ahead an market to your ideal patients….and let other providers know you are there to help and ask for referrals.

    Best wishes!


  31. I have been a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner for over twenty years. I first started my Women’s Health practice in Harlem NY in 2005. My practice is integrative and focuses on self care, health education, health advocacy and holistic therapies. My practice was designed for those experiencing disparities in todays health care system. One of my favorite sayings is by an English physician, ” The basics of Medicine is sympathy and the desire to help others, and whatever is done with this end must be called medicine”, Frank Payne (1840-1910) .

  32. I have a blog/website that covers random diet/health/NP issues. I am also planning on starting a house calls practice that I will link to my site in the near future. Please consider adding me. Thanks, Jenni

  33. Hi Barbara,
    I am an FNP-C in California. I am extremely interested in opening my own wellness practice, but don’t want to have a physician own the majority. I know I will need a collaborating physician. Any tips and advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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