NPBO Video Tip #3 – State Rules

Today my question comes from Tina in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is asking, “What are the requirements for nurse practitioners starting their own business in Georgia and in other states.  And so, I’m going to answer this more on global level — a national level because we have different practice acts from state to state, as we’re all aware.

So, the first thing that you need to do is go to your Board of Nursing, read your practice act, and see what it is that you are allowed to do.

The second thing that you want to do is go to the Secretary of State for your state, and see what kinds of rules and regulations there are about businesses in your state, and find out what kind of licenses you need, and if there’s any restrictions.  Those restrictions will vary from state to state.  I’m in Washington State, it’s a pretty independent state, and we don’t have problems starting businesses.  But a nurse practitioner in California may find out that they cannot own their own practice, but it would have to be owned 51% by a physician and they can only own 49%.  You’ve got to know your own rules and regulations for your state.

So, hopefully, that gives you an idea of where to get started, again, Board of Nursing and then your Secretary of State.

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So, I look forward to talking to you next time for another NPBO Video Minute.

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