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NP Business Boot Camp Live

Dear Colleague,

Are you a practice owner in your first year or so in business? Do you find practice ownership challenging at times? Do you wish you could sit down with experienced and successful business owners to troubleshoot some of your challenges?

If yes… let me introduce you to the NP Business Boot Camp.

The NP Business Boot Camp is designed for practice owners wanting a “little extra help” to handle the common pitfalls when starting a new business.

No doubt, owning and operating a practice is difficult – especially in the beginning. And often you are alone, doing your best to build your business.

Every day I receive questions from new practice owners about problems they are facing in their practice. And every day I see the same questions repeated across all social media platforms.

Don’t’ get me wrong, there are answers and there is support out there. But unfortunately, I also see answers that are often less than ideal and even erroneous.

As business owners with over 37+ years combined experience, we realized that there is a dire need to address the questions, concerns, and quite frankly the pitfalls NPs are facing when starting a practice.

This is why we developed this two-day workshop, tailored to address the challenges faced by you, the new practice owner just starting out in business.

Announcing: “NP Business Boot Camp – Live”

This live boot camp is presented by Nancy Dirubbo, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP and myself, Barbara C Phillips. MN, GNP, FNP, FAANP. We are two experienced clinicians and business owners

The curriculum presented in the boot camp includes:

  • How to transition from being employed to being self-employed.
  • Why the “employee mindset” will not help you as a business owner.
  • Deepening your understanding of finances, budgets, and reports.
  • A closer look at understanding contracts and how to make them work for you.
  • How to optimize your billing and how to address common billing problems.
  • Insurance, reimbursement structures and how to make sure you’re getting paid.
  • The importance of compliance: how to make sure you and your practice remain in compliance at all times.
  • What to consider when selecting a collaborator.
  • A discussion of different business models and what you may want to consider for the future.

This list of topics is only a small sample of what is included in the NP Business Boot Camp! The live boot camp takes place May 6-7, 2016 in St. Louis, MO.

To learn more about how this small group boot camp can help you and your practice, during the live event and afterward, click to read more about it and get enrolled.

Before I forget – Early Bird Special Pricing is available through 3/18/2016. Seating is truly limited… a small group means more time for YOU.

So don’t delay, get enrolled today.

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  1. I am interested in starting my own private practice in the future. I am not currently. Would this be beneficial to me to assist planning? I am looking for help to point me in the right direction. Or, do you have other tools available for someone in my situation? Thank you !

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    Hi Angela,

    This particular boot camp is for practice owners who are in their first year of business, so this would probably not be for you.

    My question would be, how are into the future are you planning to start your practice?

    In terms of what you can do now, you have several options.
    1. Read blogs (like this blog for example) and books on business ownership.
    2. Take a course at your local community college on business startup (business principals – regardless of the type of business – will help you.
    3. Attend state and national conferences for topics on business. (For example, I am doing three sessions this year on business at the AANP conference.)
    4. Join NPBO™ and get involved in our private monthly Q&As and webinars on business topics specific to NPs
    5. When you are ready we do have a course ( that walks you through from start to finish in getting up and running.

    Most of all ask lots of questions, keep your eyes open in your current practice observing business practices (both the good and the bad).

    Best of luck!

  3. Barbara, this looks like a perfect boot camp for NPs who are beginning their own business and I will share with that in mind. What a great way to support their success. I see this as a big contribution to safe, quality, compassionate, and cost-effective healthcare and wish you and participants all the best!

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    Hi Beth. Thanks so much for sharing. We in addition to the classes we teach for those just getting started, this is our first one to help the new business owner who finds themselves unsure of what to do with the challenges and pitfalls they had not quite anticipated. As we both know, healthcare is changing and it can be quite perplexing!

  6. This looks wonderful! Great job, Barbara. From our work together on several projects, I know that your audience will receive exceptional information from you! I will share far and wide!!

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  8. Barbara, the program looks great. With all the changes happening in healthcare, your work will be important in helping NPs build their businesses.

    These are exciting times as new payment models are being put into place, learning how, incentives can be maximized by documented improved outcomes, how to transform practice to ensure quality outcomes and the inclusion of professionals taking on new roles and working up to their professional potential. Will be sharing you work so others can benefit! Best of luck with your Boot Camps

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  10. Do you have plans to hold an “advanced” business session? Even though I have been in business for nearly a decade as an independent provider, I feel the expansion of adding multiple locations, multiple providers, and the necessary dynamics to operate are leaving me stretched in operational control. Guidance, advice, and even advanced mentoring sounds alluring…would your “boot camp” provide deeper insight into aspects that I may have missed along the way? Do you have a published outline of topics?
    Thank you!

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