Mis-placed Items?

We have a dilemma that I never even considered when we opened our doors: missing equipment and supplies.

As an employee, I never really gave it too much thought. In fact, in one place I worked at, I thought it was overkill to keep lubricant in the safe (I had to ask for it each time I thought I would need some!). So of course, I was not going to go that far.

I don’t keep spendy items that can easily walk out of a room under a coat in the exam rooms. Well, not true, the laptops are there, but it would be hard to get away with that, we would notice immediately.

Pocket Dop IISo imagine my surprise to find my Doppler is missing, as well as a nearly a canister of Verruca-Freeze, a bottle of benzoin and several smaller miscellaneous items. I had anticipated that I might lose some tape and some gauze, but not the others.

The thing is, both the Doppler and the Verruca-Freeze were kept in the central work area.  Only myself, the MAs,  and the occasional drug rep access the area.

And more lessons… think about how you will safeguard some of your equipment. Because if you don’t, these losses can add up to several hundred (and much more) dollars of loss for you, not to mention the inconvenience.

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  1. I learned this quickly in my former practice. The two items that went missing most quickly were ear curettes and bandage scissors. Copies of my prescribing references went, too. But the patient handouts never moved an inch…

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