How are your values reflected in your practice?

Like many people in the US, I’m terribly excited about our recent election. I feel it was a clear message that “we the people” want our government to conduct it’s business differently. But more than that, it says we are ready to move beyond a “tolerance” (though sometimes it’s barely that) to acceptance that while we are all different, we are all the same.

Obviously, not everyone in the US feels this way. One just needs to look around at news reports, blog posts, the talk in the local diner, and email. Take my email for instance.  There are people who love to forward all sorts of stuff…anything from jokes to opinion pieces. While some are cute, there are many that are internet “hoaxes”. Then there is another group…essentially hate mail for lack of a better term.

Those sending and forwarding this stuff come from all walks of life, and include, yes…even Nurse Practitioners.

This got me to thinking…how do your beliefs and values shape your business and practice?

Who are your clients and customers? What message are you giving them? Is your behavior, and the behavior of your staff, consistent with the ideals you have set forth? Do you have a mission statement and is your office culture congruent with it?

We as Nurse Practitioners, as health care providers, often speak about the need for health care to be available to everyone. Unfortunately, those are not the actions I often see or hear about.

For example, I was recently told that I am the only practice in town that will welcome those with HIV disease. In addition, I have patients who tell me they are more comfortable in my practice because they feel they are apart of “we the people” regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, ability to read and write, the language they speak or their view on the pro-life/pro-choice debate.

I was taught from an early age that we are all the same…regardless of our differences. My practice and business – indeed my life – reflect this. It’s a core value for me. We don’t have to agree with every view, but we don’t have the right to spread intolerance and hate.

What do you clients, patients and customers feel about your business? Is it inclusive or exclusive?

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  1. I strongly feel that as nurse practitioners we have a unique opportunity to be different than the medical establishment. We have different philosophies guiding us (aka nursing theory) and we have different training (revolves around the patient rather than science). At our practice we try to use Rosemary Parse’s Theory of Human Becoming as the cornerstone of our practice. It keeps the patient at the center of things rather than the health care providers at the center of things. We are pleased to be a principle centered practice and work to keep it that way. Like your practice, our patients see and feel the difference. They feel they are welcome and that we really care about them as people. I makes it easier to discuss difficult things and makes them more committed to being a part of their total health picture.

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