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Starting a Practice Mind Map

There are a lot of moving parts when you are ready to start your own practice. It's important to see the entire picture before you begin to drill down to each of the steps. This mind map will outline the steps you'll want to consider as you embark on your journey.

Business Planning Mistakes, Are You Making Them?

If you want to start your business or practice you know you need to do some planning. But can you be certain you're doing the right type of planning?

Find out how to sidestep the three most common business planning mistakes. Our free report shows you how.

Professional Reputation
Protect Your Reputation

Do you know what they are saying about you? Believe me, it matters.

What's being said about you can affect your business, your job, your ability to be awarded grants, and so much more.

Contracts & Negotiations

Contracts and Negotiations are critical business tools that we as health care providers must understand and be able to utilize. This easy-to-understand short guide was written by a NP, for NPs and other healthcare providers. And of course, it's yours free