CPT codes for House Calls

npbag197.jpgI’ve been getting lots of questions about coding for House Calls, and what codes to use.   Here are the current codes that are listed for house calls as well as codes used for assisted living. For the exact details of what is included with each code, please check your CPT manual.

Code Description
99324 – 99328 Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient
99334 – 99337 Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of an established patient
99341-99345 Home visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient
99347 -99350 Domiciliary or rest home visit for the evaluation and management of an established patient

You will need to visit your Medicare provider in order to get the current rates from Medicare. If you are unsure who is your intermediary, check your copy of the Nurse Practitioner Business Resource Directory. I have included a full list of providers from around the US. It was current as of the publication date.

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  1. Thanks for posting these codes. I do not have a cpt manual (as far as I know). I see there are ranges for the codes, how do you know which code to use?

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    The guidelines for use of the codes are listed in the CPT book. I cannot publish the entire thing as the AMA owns the rights to the codes and frowns on unlicensed duplicaiton of their codes.

    In general, the lower codes are less complicated visits and thus less documentation, while the higher codes are for more complicated visits. There is also a difference between new and established visits.

    Your employer should have a CPT book available for you to use. These books change every year, and it’s important that you have updated codes – both ICD9 and CPT.

    If you are self employeed, it is essential you have proper coding references available to you. I get my books along with my subscription of http://www.FlashCode.com. It’s well worth the price for me.

    There are several books you can purchase. I use this one, again, for me, the ICD9, HCPCS and CPT book is included with my subscription to FlashCode.

    Let us know if you can get your hands on a CPT manual.


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    Hi Mona,

    I don’t know if there are CPT codes for psychiatric house call visits. I did search google for “cpt psychiatric home visits” and came up with a document out of California MediCal that may answers some questions (couldn’t get the link to paste correctly). Otherwise I would try medicare.

    One thing to remember with Medicare, they reimburse about 50% lower for a psych ICD9 code than for a “medical” code. At least that has been my experience.

    Here is an article out of the most recent issue of JAMA:

    This is from the American Academy of Home Care Physicians – their FAQ where a similar question is addressed:

    You might also check with your medicare carrier and your professional organization. Hopefully someone will have another source for you.

    Let us know if this helps!



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    Hi Jerry,

    I posed this questions to Sharmaine Lawson-Baker, DNP who has a house call practice in New Orleans. She tells me she uses 94620 and has not had any problems with reimbursement.


  6. Hi
    I have had my own private house call business over 7 years in Tacoma, Washington. I enjoy it very much but I have cancer and need to go to part time work. I am wondering if it is possible to sell practice? It has done very well and would be sad to see it end. Do you have any suggestions as to where to post this online?


    Joanne Gigi Hardtke

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  9. Can a NP visit patients at patient’s homes? Can NP select any visit code such as 99341-99350 just like Physician. Do physician need to be present with NP at patient’s homes? Can NP order Therapy, Nurse services. Do the patient have to bed Homebound to visit a patient at home. Does M edicare pay less if NP selects 99350( for example) compared to physican?

    Please send your answers and also pl send me useful links in Medicare or other web sites.

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    Yes, NPs can do house calls and use the same codes. No the physician does not need to be present, but always clarify state practice requirements for rules about collaboration.

    In most states NPs can order therapy, but not home health or hospice.

    You can find more information regarding Medicare requirements at http://www.cms.gov or your local Medicare carrier.

  11. Hi for a doctors home visit we bill the codes listed above but does medicare pay for any costs such as transportation of equipment and such. I know for mobile x-rays they pay for traveling costs as well as costs for taking the equipment and setting up. Does this apply for doctors doing home visits? Although they wont be doing ultrasounds they will be doing EKG’s. Do you know about this? Thank you.

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    It’s my understanding that your travel cost are not paid for when doing house calls. Of course, any billable procedures being done such as an EKG would be covered as well as the evaluation and management of the patient.

    Hope this helps.


  13. HI Barbara,

    Can medical nutrition therapy bill these codes for house calls? Are there other codes for house calls, if any?

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    Hi Beth,

    I’ve not found any information on this. Your best bet is to contact your local medicare carrier and individual insurance payers, and see if they can point you in the correct direction. Each insurance company may have additional requirements (particular diagnosis; home-bound status, etc) Using the appropriate CPT codes for nutritional counseling (97802-04) may or may not require a particular “place of service” code.

    Best wishes.


  15. I have received A letter from Trust solutions that PA and NP can not see patients at home without Physician is present. I am planning to write to him that he does not know Medicare rules, or else can you suggest the approach I should use.

  16. I am not a certified Medical Biller. However, I tried to learn and started billing for my wife. The reason was, the billing company my wife had was not re-billing, nor telling if there are rejections. Originally Medisoft was set for single provider. However, we hired NPs and PAs as well as a Doctor for visiting patients at patients homes. I applied and got Medicare PINs for all providers. However, I did not realize that I did not make changes to Medisoft to set it as a Group Practice. So, even though I created all providers and billing under each provider, the billing was going on group NPI which defaulted to my wife’s NPI. I could not realize that error until recently. I was indicted for billing fraudulently. However, I have no intentions to defraud anyone, nor cheat the government. I did not bill anything extra. I billed for what providers ordered And seen only however, when the claims went to Medicare electronically the NPI No is shown in 1500 form is my wife’s. How to explain this to Trust Solution and Government? Did anyone made these kinds of mistakes that you know and can you tell me how they proved themselves innocent?

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    I know there is an appeal process to the RAC audits. In this case you may need to find an attorney or other qualified professional to assist.

    As I said above, the RAC contractors make money when they can show fraud – intentional or not.

  19. Hi Barbara,
    Can you please tell me whether Medicare Part B covers psychiatrist services in house call or not. I know you have already replied the similar type of question in 2008 but I am just ensuring as there are lots of changes.
    We have doctors who are doing house call services and they are referring patients to psychiatrist and we already have the psychiatrist specialist in our practice who can render the services.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Robin,

    Yes, in most cases. Oftentimes, when adding a separate procedure onto an E&M visit, you’ll need to add a modifier code – 25. It’s important to make sure your documentation supports both the visit and the procedure.


  21. I read in CMS that Trust Solution has total authority to decide which claims are Medically Unnecessary. I have 3 NPs in my practice. After we got paid for the visits, we I received a notice from Trust Solutions that most claims were medically unnecessary and requested me to payback. Patients are elderly, sick, obese, back pain etc. How can I prove it to them?

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    If you know that these visits meet criteria for Medicare, then attempt to appeal. You’ll need to provide documentation. If that fails, then you will likely need to contact an attorney is is familiar with these issues.

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    In most cases an RN or LPN is working for a home health agency, or another provider, and services are generally billed through these employers. As a stand alone independent provider…I don’t believe RNs and LPNs quality.

  24. Can you explain this RULE:
    1. Does “Physician” means in this context anyone NP, PA and /or MD?
    2. Or NPs can not bill 99341-99350 at all UNLESS PHYSICIAN ALSO AT PHYSICIAN’S HOME?

    ************************************************************************** – Home Services (Codes 99341 – 99350)
    (Rev. 1, 10-01-03)
    B3-15515, B3-15066
    A. Requirement for Physician Presence
    Home services codes 99341-99350 are paid when they are billed to report evaluation and management services provided in a private residence. A home visit cannot be billed by a physician unless the physician was actually present in the beneficiary’s home

  25. hello, I am an LPN working at a physicans office, if my Doc asks me to do a home visit on a patient to do an assessment for a specific disease process or give a flu shot 1) is that legal and allowed and 2) what billing code would be used as all orders are coming directly from my physician and lastly do I need a special locked case to to carry chart to stay in compliance with hippa regulations. Thank you PS. I was a visiting nurse for 15 years prior to taking a position at a physicians office so I am familiar with said duties, only difference is this is for a PCP not an agency. Thanks again also this is the state NJ

  26. My question is; I work for an APN who has his own practice. He wants to make a house call for a patient who has medicare but is unsure of how much it is. He doesn’t want to make a house call for a patient if its way less than a patient coming to the office. The offices are closed on the east coast, I am unable to get in touch with someone regarding this matter. Will it be worth it?

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    Look up with Medicare allows for your state using the housecall codes and compare it to the office visit codes (remember to take the appropriate discount for NPs). This will give you an idea. However, remember that the appropriate level of service will depend on what was done in the visit (and doing the documentation to which will justify the level of care), thus I can’t tell you if it’s “worth it” or not.

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  29. Hello. I work for physician in long term care, assisted living and speciality care assisted living. If I see a new patient before the physician for specific problem, can I Bill using the new patient selection codes? Where could I find the supporting get documentation tof justify Billing as new pt.

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  31. Hi Barbra,
    I am an APRN, certified in wound care in Arkansas, a collaborative state.
    I am currently providing services to LTC and home bound patients. I have looked every where and can not find information that specifically relates to what I am doing. Only info on initial visits and so forth for rounding APN’s.
    Can I see the patients and bill for my services alone? Does a physician have to have any interaction other than collaborative agreement? Thank you!

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    Firs,t regarding collaboration – it all depends on what your SOP is for Arkansas. Be sure and read rules and regulations. Additionally, there may be additional rules put in place by the facility, so you’ll want to be aware of that as well.

    Regarding your services I’m not completely familiar with all that you do, however, a quick Google search pulled up several articles pertaining to wound care. I’ve heard from others doing wound care in LTC, so there is certainly a way.

    One Medicare Area Contractor (Noridian) did a presentation that state only physicians, NPs, CNSs and PAs can provide and bill CPT 1100 series debridement codes when the services are appropriate and state licensure allows.

    It goes on to talk about codes to bill for services.


    You’ll also want to be aware that the Office of Inspector General was focusing last year on audits for these services.


    Here is another article on coding

    Hope this helps! Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  33. Our FQHC Family Practice Medical clinic will now be closing 1 day per week. The NP would like to do House Calls on this day for patient’s that do not have transportation during business hours to get to our clinic. Is it ok to bill a regular E&M code instead of a Home Visit code for these visits as the visits do not meet Medical Necessity due to transportation issues?

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  35. Barbara,

    I have a NP that has partner with a insurance company in the State (Louisiana) to do home visits for children that has not been getting to the doctor for their annual wellness visits. We will see some at the office but in the case some do not have transportation or no means of getting to the doctor we were asked to go in the home.

    Can we bill for the adolescent annual wellness codes in the home along with a home visit code? I’m stuck on how we will actually bill these patients.

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  37. Barbara,

    I was wondering, for house visits codes 99341-99350, are there any that an NP can’t code/bill? For example, with initial visits for SNFs an MD has to bill those codes. I wasn’t sure if there were any rules around the house visits that could prevent an NP from coding these CPT codes. Thanks

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